History – Paul Stephenson is author or editor of ten books, most recently The Serpent Column: a Cultural Biography, published by Oxford University Press in the Onassis Series in Hellenic Culture, and New Rome: the Roman Empire in the East, forthcoming with Harvard University Press/Profile. His history of the age of Constantine has been translated into several languages. Book chapters and some research papers can be downloaded at Paul’s academia.edu page.

Research – Paul’s research has been supported by the British Academy, Dumbarton Oaks (Harvard University), the Humboldt Foundation, the Mellon Foundation, the National Hellenic Research Foundation (EIE, Athens), the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Onassis Foundation, Princeton University, the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study, the University of California at San Diego (Vassiliadis Family Foundation), the University of Cincinnati (Tytus Scholars Program), and the University of Wisconsin – Madison (the Rowe Family Foundation, WARF, the Institute for Research in the Humanities).

Education and Advocacy – Paul is founder and board president of theec.net (The Education Consultancy, Inc.), a non-profit corporation and collaborative enterprise that offers academic services and educational consultancy to students with learning differences and disabilities.

Cultural Heritage – Paul was co-founder and managing director of Lincoln Conservation (lincolnconservation.co.uk). In that role and since he has produced digital versions of a number of wonderful ‘things’.

Academic – Paul has held teaching and research posts at universities, museums and institutes in seven countries, including four professorial chairs (Wisconsin, Durham, Nijmegen, Lincoln). He has served as a Head of School (Dean) with oversight of departments of Art History, Classics, Conservation, History, and Philosophy.

Journalism – Paul writes occasionally in more popular venues, most recently for The Critic, a magazine in the UK.

Legacy Website – Paul created his first website, Digital Byzantium, in 1998, which was devoted to an empire that was then still quite obscure. Versions of the page dating back to 2002 can be found using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine (search for: http://homepage.mac.com/paulstephenson). Much of the site was devoted to a small selection of translations from Greek and Latin sources. Links to this site exist in various publications and online. There are now many better places to read good translations and the old site is not maintained (beware dead links).

Contact – Paul can be contacted through his academia.edu page.